Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts

This sounds odd, but I promise – you will steal any man’s heart with these bacon wrapped water chestnuts! This is a favorite appetizer dish around my house, and so simple – only 2 ingredients!


All you’ll need is a can of whole water chestnuts and about 5 slices of bacon.

Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts


Heat a large skillet on high heat, so it’s nice and hot by the time you but the goods on.

It’s not necessary, but I like to wash the water chestnuts in a strainer before I use them – just to get all the slime off.

Cut the bacon into thirds, one small piece to wrap around each water chestnut.

 2014-09-28 13.52.20

2014-09-28 13.52.44

Wrap each water chestnut in a slice of bacon, and place seam-side-down onto hot skillet.

2014-09-28 13.57.11

The trick is to keep them on this side for 7-10 minutes, don’t flip yet! As you can see, some of them still won’t stay. You can certainly stick each one with a toothpick to make sure they stay, but then you’ll have to take each toothpick out to eat it. I try to avoid that extra step, ’cause I’m ready to eat them right away while they’re hot!

2014-09-28 14.07.03

Flip them all over and cook the other side for around 7 minutes, or until golden and bacon hardens in place.

2014-09-28 14.17.55

2014-09-28 14.18.13


❤ -K


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